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wild camping peak district campervan

Wild camping is legal in Scotland but not in England and Wales, where all land is owned and campers require permission to pitch a tent overnight. Gas stove at the ready! If I was lucky enough to capture a good shot of myself standing above the clouds, that alone would make this wild camp well worth while! Hi Ash Feels like a breakthrough and a good solution to my problem. Sitting in an out-the-way spot with a simple meal and a mug of tea, watching the sun set or listening to the rain on the roof doesn’t matter; the weight of the world drops from your shoulders. Since those early experiences, we have spent many nights on unauthorised ground. If you look at the following photo, this gives you an idea about how quick the weather pattern can change in the high parts of The Peak District. The warden explained that the main reason that motorhomes were not welcome to park up overnight was that some campers emptied their onboard toilet into the little stream behind the car park, contaminating the wildlife area. There are a number of routes from Nottingham to Edale, but as I live in South Nottinghamshire, I decided to head off along the A50, A515 through Ashbourne to Buxton, then onto the A6 through Dove Holes, and eventually turning onto the A623 to Sparrowpit. The thing is that we wild-camped all over Scotland during our honeymoon road trip in 2019 – driving until the sun got low before pulling over…and we had no trouble from anybody. After grabbing myself a few cups of strong coffee, it was time to head off to Edale in the Peak District. So let’s take you right back to our first ever wild camp. For the most part if you are respectful to others and the environment, your wild camping adventures should pass without too much trouble. Hi, we’re Gav and Trudi Roberts and we’ve been motorhoming since 2017 when we acquired our VW T4 Cree. On a psychological level, wild camping is about stepping into the unknown. #4 We also learned to arrive late and leave early! Otherwise head for the the stunning Peak District, which is motorhome friendly and perhaps a road a ... Wild Camping in the Lake District for motorhomes is possible in the more off-the-beaten-track parts, but around the lakes and towns it is likely you will be moved on pretty quickly, especially in summer. We have a large selection of uk motorhomes for hire, including vintage vw campervans, luxurious motorhomes, vintage vans, RVs, Motorhomes. After a brief conversation, it was clear that they had enjoyed it just as much as I was looking forward to it. Yesterday at 11:15 PM. In the meantime I enjoyed a nice hot morning brew to warm the cockles. I needed to find a suitable spot to pitch my tent, taking into account that the weather can change within minutes. This type of behaviour will get wild camping outlawed. Research for yourself! Yes, we’re serious here! A very tight road that is carved into some breath-taking scenery. To my amazement, some cloud had just broken up, giving me a welcome glimpse of the sunset. I wouldn’t worry to much about being “turfed off”. (£5 overnight) There are also toilets in the car park, and a nice cafe just round the corner. After looking at some of these photographs. After reading your blog and seeing your beautiful photos, may I ask what route you took to the spot where you camped? The picturesque site has a small children's play area and myriad local walking trails. We had already taken the flattest space! We could have lowered the stabilisers but that, of course, would have prevented a quick get-away if needed. It’s always good to keep your eye on the forecast and make sure you have the correct kit to keep you dry and warm. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. So, when it comes to wild camping in a motorhome, what are we actually talking about? This gave us the freedom to turn left or right but the downside was that we’d waste time searching the internet on our phones for a nearby campsite which was a) open and b) answering their phone. 2020 © All content is the full copyright of Chasing Views. I don't expect answers to be put on the forum but would appreciate emails with any details. To others – us included – wild camping in a motorhome is really about the freedom to park up and settle down for the night anywhere you choose, within reason. It’s about being responsible and respectful to others and the environment. I must have been standing there for 30 minutes or more just taking in the views. Dec 2, 2020. I’ve had some luck though in that I’ve spoken to a couple of campsites who are willing to let me leave my car in their car park while I go do my wild camping. And with the Peak District being one of the most popular National Parks it’s also increasing in the number of wild campers. The photo of you looking at the clouds is amazing. I had purchased a new backpack (Hi Gear Long Haul Travel Pack 80+15L) especially for this mission as I had to carry camping equipment and food, as well as my usual camera equipment. He came and gave us the, “don’t do it again,” chat. Wild camping precautions to fend off mad axe murderers! Being risk-averse curtailed any spontaneity though. The prime directive, as far as we’re concerned, is leave nothing – bar tyre tracks. Many were not. Hopefully the day will come when Britain finally makes an effort to catch up with our friends across the channel. If there was a knock on the door we’d keep the door closed and locked and talk to the person through the hab window. #6 We learned to (eventually) relax and enjoy the moment, to enjoy being out overnight in the van, somewhere far from the madding crowd, closer to nature. What if the police tell us to move on? Get your free ebook - "Getting Started on the Freedom Trail". Wild Camping (Overnight Stops) 2 3. We know as many as we can the pitfalls of staying up on kinder weather change being prominent and were not entering this lightly we will leave no mess and clean everywhere after ourselves we would welcome any recommendations your willing to give and thank you for taking the time to help. Although it was not very steep at this point, this was the start of the ascent. Wild camping in a motorhome is a bit more complicated than wild camping in a tent and questions abound…. I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy route, especially with 19.5kg on my back. #3 Time and diesel are wasted looking for a suitable place to park up; our van is not a stealth vehicle! Dec 4, 2020. trevskoda. New Member Introductions Re-joined. After enjoying some nice food and a brew or two, it was time to zip up the tent and have a scout around the immediate area looking for good photography locations. If there was any sign of trouble, such as boy racers hanging about, we wanted to be able to drive off easily. In England, there are a few places in Dartmoor National Park you can wild camp. What if there’s a mad axe man in the night? The Nags is a very good starting point!! I knew it was going to get tougher the further I trekked, but the clean fresh air and openness took my mind off the hard work ahead. Will I be doing it again? It’s probably best not to attract attention to yourself. It wasn’t looking good, but I got all my camera gear set up just in case. It would have been rude not to “nip in” for a swift pint of their best cider. As I made my way forward, I passed through the middle of some very well kept, picturesque stone outbuildings which looked good enough to be on a postcard. Light no fires. It was looking good, the weather forecast was ideal. We still remember it well. If you use “green” environmentally-friendly products, so much the better. This stunning landscape of rounded hills, high moorland and limestone ravines is dotted with mysterious underground caverns, remote weirs and reservoirs, and pretty rivers and streams. After about 20 minutes, things started to change. The Peak District was Britain’s first national park and is a hive of outdoor activity in the heart of the country. You won’t ever see an advert on our site but you will see some affiliate banners and links to products we’ve used and/or researched. It depends on what type of walk you want, as some routes are harder than others. I Hope you get good weather in the Lake District, and all goes to plan. My tent is pitched, kitted out, utensils at the ready. Please answer our wild camping questionnaire, scenes of chaos in Applecross in Scotland, police in Wales are now issuing £70 fines to anyone caught wild-camping in their vans, “green” environmentally-friendly products, plans in Scotland to provide motorhome service points, keep updated on all that’s happening by subscribing to our mailing list, Find out here what you need to ask any RV rental company, Where will we sleep tonight? Although there was still mist lingering in the air, it turned out that the weather was on my side, giving me the chance to capture the following photographs from Kinder Scout. We reopen on 01/04/2021 Book or enquire here. I’ve just come across your post and couldn’t help but love it! Amusingly, we saw a chap testing an uneven car park with a spirit level. Unless we do something it looks like we’re all going to be marshalled onto warden-controlled campsites, like sheep into a pen. Find a secluded spot of your own, Do not put the awning out or set seats up outside your van. In fact I will add the box at some point today. Wild camping spots are not usually told of, like your own little unique experience research and findings. We suspect you wouldn’t be able to get away with this now, what with all the shenanigans that have gone on this year! I hope this helps. And whenever faced with uncertainty, it is human nature to prepare for any eventuality. I’d love to keep up to date with your latest works. You just never know when you might need to venture outside the van. Thank you, Thanks for your comments Roland and Christine! That feeling is a constant companion on wild camping trips but you will get used to it after a while. I break down the current camper wild camping laws for Scotland, England and Wales further down the post. Low profile means no noise, no rubbish, no fires, and no awning set up. In the end we decided we had no alternative. Camping at Ashbourne is perfectly located for exploring the Peak District and the Derbyshire Dales. The header picture for our site was taken in the Cairngorms. The thing is that the UK is miles behind when it comes to service points for motorhomes. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Myself and my girlfriend last year climbed kinder scout for both of us it was our first major walk and climb though since we have walked the whole tissington trail and only have a few miles of the high peak to do from parsley hay we are both new to all this but the one thing we both agreed on is how amazing it would be to see the sun set and rise on kinder . Beech Croft Farm Caravan and Camping Park Buxton, Derbyshire It’s proper off-grid van life, for one night at least. Is Wild Camping Legal? There’s a long tradition of wild camping in the Lake District and the National Trust has always acknowledged this activity can take place as long as it’s within recognised guidelines. Before we end this article we’d like to ask you a question…. Enjoy your travels and stay in touch. Covehithe – and the disappearing coastline, Leiston Abbey – resting place of devil dog Black Shuck, Orford Ness – cold war nuclear testing site, Rendlesham Forest – home of the UK’s most famous UFO case, Seaside Nostalgia at Southwold – a step back in time. Peak Campervan Training Peak Campervan Training. Yes my concerns have also been centred around security. We bit the bullet and went for it, stepping out of our comfort zones and properly going into the wild! #7 And this first night’s experience prompted us to research the laws about motorhome wild camping, which are woolly, to say the least. That works well if we have a long drive. Free overnight parking or wildcamping in a campervan. I look forward to reading more of your posts, and viewing your awesome photographs. It made us rebels! Reports flooded in almost daily of police fining people sleeping in vans and litter being left strewn all over the place. Amazing photos and a good read. 5 thoughts on “ Peak District – Wild Camping – White Edge ” Louise S says: May 11, 2014 at 10:38 am. Find the best campervan hire near the Peak District National Park using our campervans listings on Cool Camping, we'll help you hire a campervan or motorhome and rent it for your next roadtrip at the best price and from a reliable campervan expert. Being out in your van, as you probably already know, creates a space to drop the workaday worries and find yourself. See, you just never know. Walking, cycling and climbing in the Peak District are some of the best ways to enjoy its heather moors, rocky outcrops and rolling dales so it’s no surprise that there’s a healthy camping scene here too. Overnight parking Stratford-upon-Avon. Ashbourne Heights Holiday Park Ashbourne, Derbyshire Pet friendly site in the Peak District with en-suite pitches available, a swimming pool and a cosy glamping pod. Firstly, to be clear, wild camping is not legal in England and Wales. We have always cleaned up the places that we stop at when we wiildcamp this is our rule it just gives that little bit back and makes us feal like we’ve contributed to the place that we have been able to stay . Our advice, whether you’re north or south of the border, is to be sensible, considerate, and respectful. But even if the laws have several grey areas, there are definite rules you should abide by. I decided to take this route so I could take in the views of Winnats Pass. If you’ve already sent your answers we’d like to say a huge thank you! You are simply staying overnight, Don’t ever empty waste tanks onto the ground or a nearby manhole. Councils, landowners, and the police started clamping down to the point that we now fear for the future of wild camping in a motorhome. But if you haven’t ‘wild … When Chris McCandless left the confines of modern life and set up camp in an old bus in the wilds of Alaska, he was addressing a yearning in us all. Simple. After having a good look around, it was time to get things sorted. Thanks for sharing!! So let’s list some things we learned from our first venture into the wild…. What an excellent spot for a wild camp in the Peak District, the views were mesmerising. I must take my hat off to Hi Gear, the backpack served me very well. Hello and welcome to my channel. It’s one of our favourites. We’re keeping an eye on what’s going on and we will publish our findings in our newsletters so you won’t miss a thing. Absolutely awesome!! Using the map, mark a few potential wild camping spots that are in the area your hike finishes. Wild camping is becoming ever popular in the UK, with a love for mini adventures and exploring the outdoors. And even if there is a brush with the law, a landowner, or boy racers, you’ve got a great story to tell! Shockingdog. Now the light refreshments were out the way, it was time to start my trek up Kinder Scout. Some places have a spectacular view, others are simply somewhere to park up and sleep. It’s over 20 years ago since I last went trekking on Kinder Scout plateau. Bawdsey Quay – wild camping disaster zone! In France, for instance, there is an extensive network of ‘aires de service‘ all over the country. Did you encounter any problems? And the night we spent beside a babbling mountain stream was our best wild camp ever. Camping and caravan holidays in the Peak District. Beech Croft farm is a small family-run caravan and camping site located betwen Buxton & Bakewell in the heart of the Peak National Park. I have been wild camping 3 times in the Peak District. In other areas you must use your discretion, but the best advice is to arrive late and leave early, remain invisible and leave no trace. Relief after finally removing my back pack, but most of all, the mesmerising views which surrounded me. Parked up, the solar panel does the trick. After following the Pennine Way for a few miles, gradually working my way up to the final push, I was greated with one very steep climb which I knew would lead me onto Kinder Scout Plataeu. Well, ok, we were not going into the wilds of Alaska, like in the movie. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Well, my first impression of wild camping on Kinder Scout is WOW! Good Night! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I do not create newsletters, or have a mailing list, but I do plan on adding a box for my visitors to get informed when I post any new articles. ), What happens if there’s trouble? Before you read this wild camping Peak District post, make sure you read my more general ... For first-time wild campers, a simple hike in and out with a wild camp overnight is ideal. The nags is our starting point nice meal and a couple of ciders when we did the walk last year we walked up Jacobs ladder that way personally I found it harder walking down it was quite steep in parts we have taken on board your recommendation of where to camp and we think it’s where we will pitch for the night . I’m looking to do my very first wild camp this weekend and was intending to head up to the Lake Distruct..the only problem I’m finding is where to park overnight. My mind was now set on trying to capture a shot of the sunset over Kinder Scout. Grid ref: SK 08484 87560 After walking a short distance, I came across the much documented Old Nags Head pub. In the end we overcame our inhibitions by turning the radio (or You Tube) up loud and just got on with it. Leave no trace, then most would agree that you are not posing any problem. Not even a campsite. After all, 99% of us are decent, responsible people. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It’s clear that in the UK it is easier to wild camp in some places than it is in others. Another popular park for wild camping in Scotland is Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park, as long as you follow their wild camping guidelines. Again thank you your help and advice are gratefully received. There would be no grizzly bears lunging at us from out of the darkness of the forests! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing it. So let’s take you right back to our first ever wild camp. Funnily enough, as it turned out, the wildest thing about that first night was the weather! In fact I have never seen a warden on my travels in the Peak District. In this video I head to the peak district for a spot of wild camping. Read my Hi Gear Long Haul Travel Pack 80+15L Review. However, sadly, some councils are making motorhome parking more difficult. I had been looking forward to this mission for quite some time. FOLLOW US FOR THE LATEST NEWS AND SEE MORE PHOTOS ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Although it was the first time that I have stood at a bar with a 19.5kg backpack on my back, I found the pub to be nice and friendly, I got a warm welcome from the bar staff, and I thoroughly enjoyed my pint. Find out here what you need to ask any RV rental company…. I had been looking forward to this mission for quite some time. I personally prefer to access Kinder from the Edale side, you can even grab a few pints in The Old Nags Head before you start. This was way out of our comfort zones…. (Will we be able to find anywhere to park up? From everyday essentials to solar panels and satnavs our family run van life accessories shop has it all. Wild camping is continuing to become more and more popular in the UK. AND OUR WINTER NEWSLETTER IS OUT NOW – exclusive to subscribers only. Yes, we’re not kidding. This is our list…. We stopped overnight for £10 at the Pen Y Pass car park along the Llanberis pass in Snowdonia. Solar energy is great and this year we bought ourselves this solar panel. Have a look at the scenes of chaos in Applecross in Scotland. Being off the electric grid is about as wild as it gets. In the United Kingdom, wild camping is legal across the majority of Scotland, though campers are encouraged to follow the Outdoor Access Code. And please be polite if you see anyone or are asked to move on. However, we’ve just come back from 5 days in the Peak District and had a superb (though tiring!) That’s how it should be. Well, my first impression of wild camping on Kinder Scout is WOW! When you subscribe to our mailing list you’ll get instant access to our free ebook – Getting Started on the Freedom Trail – what your motorhome, campervan, or RV manual probably won’t tell you. The other thing were concerned with are the stories of people wanting to camp being turfed off so to speak you say youve never encountered any problems but is it something that could happen just to prepare us i probably daftly believed we could camp anywhere but this doesnt seem to be the case . My advice would be to do your research and have some kind of plan in place before you start the walk up Kinder Scout. But it must be done responsibly. Need some gear for your RV, motorhome or campervan? Be respectful and responsible and the dreaded “NO OVERNIGHT CAMPING” signs won’t turn up to haunt us all. As I entered the field, I was greeted with a pathway of very sturdy thick stone, probably laid by The Peak District’s National Trust rangers (Autumn and winter are slab helicoptering season for the Peak District’s National Trust rangers). It’s over 20 years ago since I last went trekking on Kinder Scout plateau. How long does it take for you to get to a good place to pitch up? . Remember, you’re not setting up camp – you’re simply staying the night. Sometimes you just gotta go! Our concern is that if we’re not careful, wild camping in a motorhome, RV or campervan could become a thing of the past. Remember, keep updated on all that’s happening by subscribing to our mailing list. I can only offer advice going from my own experience. Another great area! From August 2020 in Scotland a new scheme was trialled called ‘Stay the Night’ where you could park your van in forest car parks. The wild camping rule of thumb is this: if you keep a low profile the police or anyone else generally won’t ask you to move on. Gutted! Perhaps very early! Wild camping is about sleeping in a small tent somewhere in a field or the woods, or on the mountainside. The main reason for wild camping on Kinder Scout was to capture what I could, in the best possible way. A more advanced adventure could include a multi-day hike, wild camping in a different spot each night. We always respect “no overnight camping” signs, we respect our fellow travellers, we respect the environment. If you’ve not seen the film or read the book, ‘Into the Wild‘, put it on your list! I usually target remote secluded woods, as i mainly use a hammock and a camouflaged tarp. Who would do such a thing? Follow these points when you’re wild camping to help keep you out of trouble…. Tent is pitched! I’m sure you’ll enjoy a night on Grindslow Knoll. Your article has certainly inspired me to visit Kinder. Shockingdog; Nov 25, 2020; Wild Camping (Overnight Stops) Replies 9 Views 476. Gav and Trudi, Your email address will not be published. These are the things we have to do in the UK! The land is privately owned, and technically you need permission from the landowner to pitch a tent for the night. If you are willing to adhere to the ‘rules’ – and brave enough to deal with the uncertainty that is par for the course with wild camping – you’ll want to go fully prepared…. Surviving 24 Hours Winter Wild Camping | Solo Peak district UK I can only echo what has already been posted. Oh, and you’ll get our free ebook too! The next morning, I unzipped my tent, peeked out to see what welcomed me. I was so happy the weather had suddenly changed for the better. The impressive limestone ravines and the Dovedale Stepping Stones makes it one of the most popular areas in the Peak District. Joking aside, grey water (from your sinks) can smell as offensively as black (the toilet). Wild camping in the Peak District. Sunny with breaking cloud during the day, and a clear sky during the night. Honister Slate Mine. i also would like to congratulate you on amazing pictures and sharing your experience i would if possible though some things have been touched on like to ask your advice on a couple of things any help would be gratefully accepted .

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