Total Solution

Total Solution

Taimaz Industry Pioneer Company is honored to provide the respected compatriots the most efficient combination of the state-of-art medical technology and expert doctors through selecting the most valid and reliable medical and health-care world brands to equip the hospitals and health-care centers with the most advanced medical devices.
With respect to the company’s lifelong mission fulfillment and developing the field of service delivery to medical industry of our country, Taimaz has achieved the following capabilities:

Study conducting

Conducting preliminary and feasibility studies regarding the implementation of medical and health-care projects

Quantity estimation

Precise estimates of the quantity of required equipment based on the determined capacity in order to create an appropriate workflow amongst different wards

Plan designing

Designing and delivery of perfect executive plans in accordance with national standards as well as the latest international standards

Advice providing

Providing expert advice on the selection and procurement of complete equipment needed in various sectors of a hospital including CSSD, laundry, kitchen, laboratories, ICU and CCU operating rooms and medical Imaging sectors (MRI, CT scan, angiography, radiology etc.), nuclear medicine, IT and medical informatics, ophthalmology and eye surgery, emergency care, Dentistry and …

Special services

Special services such as importing, installation, training and operation of supplied systems

after sale services

Preventive maintenance, spare parts supply, and professional after-sale services

Medical Services

Providing required specialized medical services for delivering patient care services at home in the field of respiratory and sleep aid as well as oral hygiene and …

As it briefly mentioned, the company is paving the road to promote the country’s health state via providing a comprehensive solution and therefore achieving an advanced and appropriate structure in health-care and medical centers.
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