About Taimaz

شرکت پیشگامان صنعت تایماز - pishgaman sanat taimaz co
History of Foundation and Activities of Company

Pishgaman Sanat TAIMAZ Company, under registration No. 246910, previously named as PARSIAN Economical, Chemical and Industrial Consulting Development Company is active in the field of healthcare equipments.

Since 2004, TAIMAZ has demonstrated to its employees a constant commitment to their performance with integrity. At the same time, we have expanded our businesses and built a great record of sustained growth and a reputation for enforcing ethical conduct.

Both our domestic and abroad agents with expertise in sales force have always made great efforts and they keep moving successfully forward. All our employees in lieu of doing their tasks are not merely after financial satisfaction but they have also dedicated themselves spiritually to function for their leadership and their community.

The main fields of activity:

Before taking action for selling and providing services, Pishgaman Sanat TAIMAZ Company has done studies and researches in the fields of their activities and it was the findings that induced the company’s founders to collect a set of facilities for changing and developing the industries of our country, Iran. On the basis of its professional personnel and their valuable experiences, the company is now selling equipment and providing services to various sectors including hospitals, therapeutic centers and welfare complexes, hotels, camps, prisons, and hygienic and foodstuffs factories.

Taking advantages of its effective engineers, TAIMAZ has taken long and great steps in various areas of designing, importing industrial machines, equipping, installing, and starting various centers. Regarding the importance of equipping the above mentioned centers, TAIMAZ has attempted to provide following valuable services as its priorities:

  • Providing consultation for buying and equipping affiliated centers
  • Providing the best consuming materials for completing selling chain
  • Installing, starting and providing after-sales services
شرکت پیشگامان صنعت تایماز - pishgaman sanat taimaz co
Our Vision

In a world where technology increasingly touches every aspect of our daily lives, we will be a leading solutions provider in the areas of healthcare, lifestyle and enabling technology, aspiring to become the most admired company in our industry as seen by our stakeholders.

شرکت پیشگامان صنعت تایماز - pishgaman sanat taimaz co
Our Mission

To bring quality comfort to people’s lives through meticulous diagnosis & Proficient study of major elements of human health.
Customer requirements will be met in the highest quality manner catered to each target segments to earn the loyalty of product owners.

شرکت پیشگامان صنعت تایماز - pishgaman sanat taimaz co
Our Strategy

We will increase profitability through re-allocation of capital towards opportunities in healthcare, lifestyle, and technology to grow in selected categories and geographies build partnerships with key customers, both in the business-to-business and business-to-consumer areas continue to invest in maintaining world-class and leverage our strong intellectual property portfolio strengthen our leadership competencies drive productivity through business transformation and operational excellence.

Contact Information
Sales & Service office:
1st & 6th Floor, Bucharest Tower, Ahmad Ghasir St., Argentina Sq., Tehran, Iran
+98 (21) 88382820 – 38
+98 (21) 88382839
Commercial & Financial office:
1st & 6th Floor, Bucharest Tower, Ahmad Ghasir St., Argentina Sq., Tehran, Iran
+98 (21) 88382820 – 38