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parsley in nigeria

Derived from the petroselinum plant, parsley and parsley essential oil have been used as a natural detox remedy, diuretic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent for centuries in folk medicine. Although the exact origin of the parsley plant is unknown, this biennial has been grown for centuries in areas of Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, and beyond. Medically, parsley is used in cleansing the kidney etc. The most common issue is fungal disease. It’s commonly used to elevate the flavor of dishes like soups, salads, and fish recipes. Spinach is widely known for its healing abilities and is a staple in many Nigerian families who love cooking healthy meals. Parsley Protect blood vessels. So anybody who is into their cultivation can make a fortune from it. Example is parsley farming in Kenya. In a study carried out on the Parsley Leaves, it was shown that aqueous solutions of Parsley leaves contain hypocholesterolemic attributes and contents which indirectly helps to lower the cholesterol levels in the body. The ideal soil for parsley farming is a well drained sandy-loam moist soil rich in organic matter. If this post was useful to you, Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Light picking can commence 85-90 days from sowing and from then on should be carried out regularly along the row. Parsley leaves. Yoruba name for parsley leaf. Different meats can be used in the preparation of pepper soup, the most popular are chicken, catfish, goat, beef or cow feet. Parsley is a biennial herb that is grown mostly in developed countries. After germination apply water gently throughout its life cycle. Parsley Leaves can help to heal the scars and wounds on the skin and it also nourishes the skin deeply. Parsley is commonly used in omelets, mashed potatoes, soups, sauces, pasta, scrambled eggs, and vegetable dishes. Parsley has a fresh, crisp and light flavor, that is perfect for a wide range of dishes. Remember, they require enough room so After germination, thin out before the seedlings begin to crowd and leave each plant with 12 inches of space at the end. Offers Laboratory design and science equipment. With its flavor, scent, color, and texture, parsley is the perfect addition to any Middle Eastern dish. Call: 080 359 65405. So we are taking a look at the Yoruba Name For Parsley Leaf (Health Benefits & … Indoor planting should be done in early February so that they can be transplanted outside the field in April. If you want to stay healthy, eat your vegetables. Parsley Leaves are also grown in Europe and West Africa too. When taken, parsley helps to boost the immune system, prevents cancer, aids in managing diabetes among other great health benefits. We encourage vegetable farmers in Nigeria to look into this sector. Although women are most involved in... Methylated Spirit is very important in health institutions such as; hospitals, Clinics etc. Parsley leaves are one of the most underrated natural remedies. If you have problems like stooling and stomach problems, Parsley Leaves have been used for a long time to cure these problems. Nigerian lunch recipes. That is its health benefits to man and to the world at large. Parsley Oil, when applied on the skin undiluted, can burn the skin. Parsley Leaves is native to the Mediterranean region in North Africa and some parts of Europe like Portugal. Parsley, also known as Petroselinum crispum, is a member of the Apiaceae family.This leafy herb originated in the Mediterranean region and is still used heavily in the cuisines of the area. They are an essential part of a balanced diet. Either method will keep up to six months. Body cream is a very important material not just for fashion but for the health of the skin. October 8, 2020 Nigeria News Stem rot, stem leaf spots are diseases of parsley while pests are spider mites, aphids and white flies. In ancient times, Parsley leaves were used frequently to cure menstrual problems. Parsley tea is a very popular beverage in some parts of the world. Parsley is all over northern Nigeria. Parsley is a lush plant growing up to a foot high in a beautiful rosette of green foliage. Parsley can be frozen chopped and stored in freezer bags, or it can also be chopped and mixed with water and frozen in ice cube trays. Good agronomical management conditions will make parsley plant to develop into dark green domes that are a beauty to behold and to pick. Risks of consume parsley … The two most popular types of parsley are curly parsley and Italian flat leaf parsley. is a social media network for Nigerian Languages and Culture, where you can post, discover and share Nigerian videos, pictures, words, pronunciations & translations in Nigerian Languages (currently Hausa, Igbo, Pidgin, Yoruba) It is true that parsley leaves Health benefits of Parsley (2) – The Sun Nigeria Learn more about the health benefits of parsley leaves and find out about parsley uses you’ve never known about. Here are 10 great substitutes for parsley. Because Parsley leaves contain so much Vitamin C, it is the perfect immune system boost. Try growing parsley plants as companions to annuals, perennials, and herbs in beds, containers, and window boxes. Advertise your parsley business on social media to attract many buyers. Tel 1: +234-17338279 Tel 2: +234-8191117910 Tel 3: +234-8191117911 Tel 4: +234-8191117914. Any Yoruba native person will know Parsley leaves once it is called by its Yoruba name. ), Parsley leaves; the one spice with numerous nutritional benefits, Restaurants in Ilupeju : Addresses, Contact and Open times. If you are cooking a Nigerian dish, you will struggle to do without a number of key vegetables. At Restaurants Ng, we hope to serve the most quality Nigerian food recipes, sauces and stews of all kinds, comprehensive restaurant listings in different regions and axis of Nigeria. It will ensure a constant supply of fresh leaves. Parsley matures when the leaf stem have up to 3 segments. Hiaan!! Rich in vitamins and minerals, the ruffled green herb is a flavorful addition to soups and other culinary delights. Another surprising power of Parsley Leaves is that its high Vitamin C content can help to heal the skin from the inside. Another way is by fluid sowing where pre-germinated seedlings are piped along the drill in an inert gel. Eugenol is very antibacterial and antifungal in action. Although parsley is a foreign vegetable some African countries are beginning to plant then in greater commercial purposes. Parsley benefits. This method is said to be the best from research because it results in good and early germination. Today’s session,I picked a vegetable I have seen only once,it can be a confusing leaf with ewedu but a slight difference,it is called PARSLEY. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Both fresh and dried forms of parsley are used for culinary purposes. Cut the outermost stall above ground level, it will encourage vigorous growth. It is an antiseptic made from medicated liquid... Purxcel supplement is a science based researched supplement made from a combination of natural blended ingredients. It is not only considered as herb that is grown only in the gardens although in the flower garden its foliage gives a pleasant back-ground, mostly for spring bulbs. There are two volatile oils present in Parsley Leaves that are responsible for this effect. This is used for fast stomach relief. Garden Parsley is a biennial plant that is cultivated in several places all over the world. Plants make a nice seasonal edging and provide a striking contrast to colourful annuals, like yellow pansies or bright pink petunias. Nigerian pepper soup is possibly one of the most traditional Nigerian dishes simply due to its versatility and ability to use a variety of different ingredients. Parsley is a mild-flavored herb, and parsley leaves are often used to create attractive garnishes for a variety of dishes. Parsley leaf is featured in hundreds of Nigerian authentic recipes, and in most Yoruba texts you’ll find it mentioned as effirin. This is because the herb has a long tap root, penetration into the soil will not be difficult. They are planted directly into the soil. The optimum temperature is 80°F with a drop during the night to 68°F, when temperature is lower’ germination will also take a longer time. Yoruba name for spinach. Parsley seeds will take up to 3 months and above to germinate. Parsley is a valuable herb that is rich in iron and carotene. Significantly high cholesterol levels can cause heart problems like arteriosclerosis. Example is parsley farming in Kenya. PH should be between 6.0-7.0. by chidarl85: 11:58am On Sep 20, 2013 Itz called the same parsley. Parsley Leaves can be drunk as tea when its leaves are soaked in water. We have been able to find some top lunch ideas that will not leave you hungry with hours to … Updated – Parsley leaf Known botanically as Petroselinum hortense or Petroselinum crispum, Parsley leaf is an herb that is said to have its roots in Northern Africa and Ancient Rome. But allow the soil to dry before applying another water. Meaning, translation and how to say, Another name for parsley leaf in igbo is what in Hausa, Igbo, Pidgin, Yoruba, English| Nigerian Dictionar Fertilizer should be applied to the soil every 4 weeks. Parsley is a member of the same family as carrots and celery and is prey to similar diseases. Use the comment box for your questions and get a prompt response and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below, just enter your name and email address. 7. If you want to plant them early do so indoors in containers at a room temperature, germination will only take 7 days after which you transfer them to the farm. Also, it has a name among the. If parsley are planted very early, it will fail because the soil temperature is too low for quick germination and development. Restaurants Ng was launched in March 2018 with the hope to bridge the gap between the endless search for good restaurants and its availability. Parsley Leaves help to prevent bone resorption and promote good bone and teeth health. Sale to market women, super markets, traditional herbalist, pharmacautical companies etc. Cold stone Creamery is one of the most popular ice cream spots in Nigeria, Lagos especially. The English name of Effirin, a common herb in Yoruba is Parsley. It has served many purposes for man right from ancient times and can be used in a number of ways, as food, medicine or spice. Re: What Is Parsley Leave Called In Nigeria Local Dialects? Yoruba is a popular language in Nigeria and Benin. Presently, over 32 million of people speak this language. It is commonly used as an herb in Yoruba land to cure Pile. It has also been shown that Parsley drinks can help to induce labour in pregnant women that are already due for childbirth. Restaurants in Ilupeju  Kasa Indiana Restaurant  Address- 4a Babatunde Oki St, Ilupeju, Lagos Phone number: 0909 971 0311 Open ti... How to make Nigerian Puff Puff; step by step Nigerian Puff Puff recipe, Chicken Republic: A complete list of all Chicken Republic Branches in Nigeria, Top 5 Intermittent Fasting Mistakes (how to avoid them now! The most common issue is fungal disease. Various studies have been done to know if Parsley Leaves can help to fight cancer. Parsley is a popular herb often used in American, European, and Middle Eastern cooking. In this article, we will be looking at Parsley leaves in depth. As a child I remember Christmas and New Year Celebrations were never complete without a bowl of goat meat pepper soup with all sorts of parts inclusive, cut up in tiny bite size juicy chunks. While few leaves can be picked for domestic use. Parsley Leaves help to promote glowing skin, prevents wrinkles through its ability to boost collagen production in the body. Parsley Leaves contain a volatile Oil called Eugenol. If you have problems like stooling and stomach problems, Parsley Leaves have been used for a long time to cure these problems. Most times, its sold already pre-washed in the Nigerian market. A Nutritionist based in Abuja, Mr Paul Okoh, has listed the immense benefits of parsley leaf in the treatment of arthritis, cancer prevention and other ailments. If you stop picking, the foliage will get coarse. Parsley belongs to the Umbelliferae family of plants with the Latin name Petroselinum crispum. Parsley improve immune function. Parsley is a versatile herb that adds a fresh, herbaceous flavor to many dishes, but if you've run out, there are plenty of possible replacements. Read on to know more about Parsley leaves and its uses. To reduce the time, soak the parsley seeds over night in mild warm water before planting. You can find it in departmental stores like shoprite, park n shop etc. Contact us, if you need parsley seeds for planting and for fresh exotic vegetables such as; cauliflower, celery, raddish, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce etc. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business. There are several species of bitter leaf-some large, leafy and deep green leaves, while some have comparatively smaller broader leaves.

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