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aesop fables stories

“You are a citizen of illustrious Athens, are you not?” asked the Dolphin politely. “Please, Mr. Wolf,” he said trembling, “I know you are going to eat me. The Hare was soon far out of sight, and to make the Tortoise feel very deeply how ridiculous it was for him to try a race with a Hare, he lay down beside the course to take a nap until the Tortoise should catch up. But it was hard for him to live alone, and at last he thought of a plan that would perhaps help him out of his trouble. Soon he found life in the pasture very dull. The Oak stood proudly and fought against the storm, while the yielding Reeds bowed low. But she was grasping in nature, so she did what the Wolf asked her to do. There was a sudden rush of great wings. A collection of Aesop’s fables in short poetry form – along with vintage illustrations. With that he let go, and the foolish Ass tumbled head over heels down the mountain side. He had had experience with such birds before. The Hare now ran his swiftest, but he could not overtake the Tortoise in time. The waves washed it up on shore. There are many more on the way. Proudly she presented her baby among the other contestants. The probability is that Aesop was no more than a name invented to provide an author for fables centering on beasts, so that ‘a story of Aesop’ became synonymous with ‘fable.’ A Butterfly once fell in love with a beautiful Rose. I do not know the exact spot, but it is there, and you will surely find it. “If the Farmer said he would call in his neighbors and friends to help him do his work, this wheat will not be reaped for a while yet.”. The most stupid of the three is not the one you would expect it to be.”. If we should happen to meet anything hard I will step between and save you.”. And all the milk flowed out, and with it vanished butter and eggs and chicks and new dress and all the milkmaid’s pride. This is a collection of tales from the Greek story teller, Aesop. Those who have plenty want more and so lose all they have. When you are up there it is the roof that’s talking, not you.”. Out popped the old Owl’s head from the opening in the tree that served her both for door and for window. But he wants my bacon! Then he flew down into the garden among the Peacocks. It is wiser to bear a single injury in silence than to provoke a thousand by flying into a rage. One set her foot on the log. But he did not bring any stones with him. Acquaintance with evil blinds us to its dangers. But his weight upset the chair, and Ass and man rolled over together in the pile of broken dishes from the table. But the Gnat was not in the least disturbed. But he always guarded it faithfully. So he left his home in the woods and fields and flew down to live on the lakes and in the marshes. These stories are awesome. The Eagle was constantly pouncing on the Hare, and the Owl dined daily on Mice. Even a contemptible Ass let fly his heels and brayed his insults in the face of the Lion. The Rabbit was quite angry—for a Rabbit—, and requested the Weasel to move out. Still nearer came the object. They had no sooner started out again than a loud shout went up from another company of people on the road. But the Dolphins took the shipwrecked people on their backs and swam with them to shore. They had so much freedom that it had spoiled them, and they did nothing but sit around croaking in a bored manner and wishing for a government that could entertain them with the pomp and display of royalty, and rule them in a way to make them know they were being ruled. Follow my example and you will get along beautifully.”, “Hardly anything,” answered the House Dog. In a short time the younger Frogs were using him for a diving platform, while the older Frogs made him a meeting place, where they complained loudly to Jupiter about the government. But the Dogs kept them all at a respectful distance, and the Sheep grazed in perfect safety. Now a Boar spied him, and rushing at him, gored him with his yellow tusk. “Spare me!” begged the poor Mouse. “Why do you run? At last one of the Frogs, the oldest and bravest, put his head out of the water, and said, “Oh, please, dear children, stop your cruel play! So he went away pulling in his belt and promising to return. “What a crime,” cried one, “to load up a poor dumb beast like that! So intense did the heat become, that the Traveler at last decided to stop for a rest, and as there was no other shade to be found, the Traveler sat down in the shadow of the Ass. Of course, they were all hungry, and helped themselves freely to the Stag’s food; and as you would expect, the Stag soon starved to death. A Cock, rising early, discovered what had happened. “You are a Mouse,” he said, “and I am a sworn enemy of Mice. Again and again he tried, but in vain. The owner of the Ass went with the Traveler, walking beside him to drive the Ass and point out the way. Do not listen to the advice of him who seeks to lower you to his own level. While the Ass cropped a fresh bit of greens, the Fox would devour a chicken from the neighboring farmyard or a bit of cheese filched from the dairy. “Your family and mine and all other animals have agreed to forget their differences and live in peace and friendship from now on forever. Chickens and Geese fell by the score—and the victor always stopped for a feast. I am so strong I can carry away an Ostrich in my talons as if it were a feather!”. “Take hold of this stick with your teeth and we will carry you far up in the air where you can see the whole countryside. But let me ask one question: Who will bell the Cat?”. A sacred Image was being carried to the temple. “This is my trick,” he called to the Fox. “Is that the thanks I get for feeding you and treating you so well?” complained the Shepherd. There was once a Dog who was very fond of eggs. Thus ungratefully, O Jupiter, do men receive their blessings!”. She wanted very much to be called Queen of Birds. But the Cock was not to be so easily fooled. “Come close to me,” said the Cat, “I am very deaf. “I have found a purse. But to his own flock, he gave only just enough food to keep them alive. Some hungry Dogs saw a number of hides at the bottom of a stream where the Tanner had put them to soak. Can Mice fly? When he saw how the Dog was acting, he seized a stick and drove him out of the stable with many a blow for his selfish behavior. Men often condemn others for what they see no wrong in doing themselves. But the Beetle buzzed about Jupiter’s head, and made him rise to drive her away; and the eggs rolled from his lap. “Why in the world do you walk sideways like that?” said a Mother Crab to her son. This next part falls to me because I am the strongest; and this is mine because I am the bravest.”, He now began to glare at the others very savagely. No, no! No milk and water government for them, they declared. The Tortoise, you know, carries his house on his back. “And so far as shepherds are concerned, we all know they belong to that puny race that pretends to be our masters.”. The next instant he flew at the Lion and stung him sharply on the nose. Then he heard the Mother’s voice say: “Hush, child, hush! But he was generous and finally let the Mouse go. Without being asked, the Lion placed himself at the head of the feast to do the carving, and, with a great show of fairness, began to count the guests. No words he could say did the least good, so he cast about in his mind for some very striking example that should make them see that discord would lead them to misfortune. A Fox fell into a well, and though it was not very deep, he found that he could not get out again. Or is it his wrinkled hide? They had gone a little farther along the road, when three merchants passed by. She seemed very sad and drooping for an Eagle. He wanted to save at least some of his grain. “Is this your constancy?” she exclaimed tearfully. After he had been in the well a long time, a thirsty Goat came by. At the ford the Ass again tumbled over; but when he had scrambled to his feet, it was a very disconsolate Ass that dragged himself homeward under a load ten times heavier than before. The two fought furiously for the prize until they had received so many wounds that both sank down unable to continue the battle. The angry Merchant immediately turned about and drove the Ass back to the seashore, where he loaded him with two great baskets of sponges. The Country Mouse stopped in the Town Mouse’s den only long enough to pick up her carpet bag and umbrella. That’s what you get. Jupiter provided the prize. In the face of dying from dehydration, the crow has an idea. They were so taken up with admiration of the Elephant, that the Rat was not noticed. The Wolf shall not get you. It is said the quarrel grew out of the persecution the race of Geese suffered at the teeth of the Fox family. The Eagle accepted the Kite immediately. Do not grudge others what you cannot enjoy yourself. But the greedy Dog thought he saw a real Dog carrying a bone much bigger than his own. Just as a great Bear rushed to seize a stray kid, a Lion leaped from another direction upon the same prey. Sweeping down, the Eagle seized the poisoned horn from out his savior’s hands, and flew away with it to hide it where it could never be found. Read More ». Sure enough, the Mice soon began to come out. Though it may be fun for you, it means death to us!”. Now her weird “hoo-hoo-hoo-oo-oo” echoes through the quiet wood, and she begins her hunt for the bugs and beetles, frogs and mice she likes so well to eat. “I had no sooner left you than I saw Zephyr kissing you. A Jackdaw chanced to fly over the garden of the King’s palace. The world of fables for the west really originated with the slave Aesop and this marvellous collection of stories. First he whirled ’round and ’round like a top, then he hopped up and down, cutting all sorts of strange capers. He thought he saw there that the end of the world was at hand, when all at once, down he went into a hole full of mud and water. A jar of honey was upset and the sticky sweetness flowed out on the table. “The honor is not meant for you but for the image you are carrying.”. Not one did she spare. So the Wolf spoke very humbly to the Dog, complimenting him on his fine appearance. At that moment he scented a panther and in an instant was bounding away through the forest. At last they paid no attention whatever to the Farmer. Here are 15 of the most read, most popular and most loved Aesop’s fables. “Tweet, tweet,” laughed the Birds. One bright day in late autumn a family of Ants were bustling about in the warm sunshine, drying out the grain they had stored up during the summer, when a starving Grasshopper, his fiddle under his arm, came up and humbly begged for a bite to eat. “Look,” he said. Do not tell others how to act unless you can set a good example. So a large number of generals and commanders were appointed from among the most eminent Mice. This was by no means the first Crow the Fox had ever seen. Please come up and taste this delicious drink with me. The sun was sinking. You can guess how fine and fat I will grow on the scraps from the table. The Eagle could not reach the Serpent, neither with beak nor claws. The foolish Grasshopper was taken in by the Owl’s flattering words. There was once a Countryman who possessed the most wonderful Goose you can imagine, for every day when he visited the nest, the Goose had laid a beautiful, glittering, golden egg. At last a very young Mouse got up and said: “I have a plan that seems very simple, but I know it will be successful. The road led across a treeless plain where the Sun beat down fiercely. But let me tell you something in private. The Satyr sprang hurriedly to his feet and made for the door. Finding his Master seated at the dinner table, he kicked up his heels and, with a loud bray, pranced giddily around the table, upsetting it as he did so. The Birds and the Beasts declared war against each other. Get down, and let the old man ride.”. He gobbled up the poor Frogs right and left and they soon saw what fools they had been. “Why,” exclaimed the Wolf proudly, “see how big I am! This they did very easily. The Ass was very much frightened, but the Fox calmed his fears. The Monkey sat up, grave and dignified, on the Dolphin’s back. “You should always walk straight forward with your toes turned out.”, “Show me how to walk, mother dear,” answered the little Crab obediently, “I want to learn.”. The wise do not let themselves be tricked a second time. He had to squeeze himself a good deal to get through the narrow opening between the strips of the basket. To distinguish themselves from the soldiers in the ranks, the new leaders proudly bound on their heads lofty crests and ornaments of feathers or straw. Hercules will not help unless you make some effort to help yourself.”. “Why, it looks to me like a couple of Dogs coming this way. Aesop wrote thousands of these stories. The Snakes soon wished they had not given him permission to stay. When the young Larks told their mother what they had heard that day, she said: “Then we must be off at once. While they were disputing with much heat and bluster, a Traveler passed along the road wrapped in a cloak. So one day he left his stable and clattered eagerly into the house. Do not expect constancy in others if you have none yourself. An old Frog living in the marsh, trembled as he watched the fierce battle. So he walked off a short distance and took a running leap at it, only to fall short once more. Now the Beetle told the reason for her action, and Jupiter had to acknowledge the justice of her cause. “How now!” cried Jupiter “Are you not yet content? The smaller the mind the greater the conceit. He would be very happy to give them some medicine. The Frogs & the Ox; Belling the Cat; The Town Mouse & the Country Mouse; The Fox & the Grapes; The Wolf & the Crane; The Lion & the Mouse; The Gnat & the Bull; The Plane Tree; The Owl & the Grasshopper; The Oak & the Reeds; The Crow & the Pitcher; The Two Goats; The Wild Boar & the Fox; The Heron; The Fox & the Stork; The Stag & His Reflection We often make much of the ornamental and despise the useful. Then he struck up a louder and still more rasping tune. But I am sure I can see!”. They are the delightful and instructive stories told by a former Greek slave in the 6th century BCE, and are the world’s best known collection of morality tales. The Wolf saw the wisdom of the advice, for he wanted to enjoy his meal without any danger of choking. The least shock is sure to shatter me!”, “Don’t let that keep you at home,” urged the Brass Pot. In the middle they met horn to horn. But the “porter” was a huge Dog whom the Wolf knew by painful experience to be very unkind toward wolves. A Stag, drinking from a crystal spring, saw himself mirrored in the clear water. Good will is worth nothing unless it is accompanied by good acts. In her sleep the Country Mouse dreamed she was a Town Mouse with all the luxuries and delights of city life that her friend had described for her. The Ass was asked to divide the spoil. The Weasels accepted the challenge with eagerness, for they were always ready for a fight when a meal was in sight. “Let me remind your lordship,” said the Dog, his words interrupted now and then as he dodged a snap of the Wolf’s teeth, “how unpleasant it would be to eat me now. Liars are not believed even when they speak the truth. No matter how hard he tries, he cannot leave home. He visited the hen house very often and at last got so greedy that he would swallow the eggs whole. The Animals heard about the Stag’s illness and came to ask after his health. Do not try to gain favor by acting in a way that is contrary to your own nature and character. But I know you! The Fox arrived promptly at the time that had been set, and the Stork served a fish dinner that had a very appetizing smell. As you can imagine, there was quite a laugh when the Animals saw the ugly flat-nosed, hairless, pop-eyed little creature. It turned out as the Frog had said. Stop your crying, or I will give you to the Wolf!”. That evening the Wolf entered the fold with the flock. One day as an Ass was walking in the pasture, he found some Grasshoppers chirping merrily in a grassy corner of the field. The sly Fox soon found a bright patch of moonlight, where the Pheasants could see him clearly; there he raised himself up on his hind legs, and began a wild dance. The thirsty Goat immediately jumped in and began to drink. Long shadows came creeping over the ground. There was once a baby show among the Animals in the forest. For a long time he kept away from the other Foxes, for he knew well enough that they would all make fun of him and crack jokes and laugh behind his back. He soon got his eyes on the Lamb. As the sun rose, the fish left the shallow water near the shore and swam below into the cool depths toward the middle. “Very smart, aren’t you? After many years, Tortoise began to wish he had gone to that wedding. They argued for a long time but neither of them emerged the winner. The Rose was not indifferent, for the Butterfly’s wings were powdered in a charming pattern of gold and silver. Shortly afterward, refreshments, consisting mostly of Camel’s hump and ribs, were served to the company. A stray Lamb stood drinking early one morning on the bank of a woodland stream. At last one day they flew up to fight it out, beak and claw. At last he found a little sheltered cave, where lived a family of Snakes. When the Miser discovered his loss, he was overcome with grief and despair. Before he composed himself to rest, he flapped his wings three times and crowed loudly. Now the black Jackdaw was not a very handsome bird, nor very refined in manner. Very timidly at first they stuck out their heads and sniffed about carefully. He was a keen observer of both animals and people. Act in haste and repent at leisure—and often in pain. “I will confess all my sins first. “My father was an Ass after all.”. A Farmer walked through his field one cold winter morning. Gentleness and kind persuasion win where force and bluster fail. Presenting "Aesop Fables For Children | Best Moral Stories For Kids" by KIDS HUT. This time he brought up an axe of silver, but the Woodman declared again that his axe was just an ordinary one with a wooden handle. “Why is there always this hostility between us?” they said. “Have you heard the wonderful news?” cried the Fox in a very joyful and excited manner. There is more than enough for both of us.”. An Ant was first to take the stand, and was about to be cross-examined, when a wise old Bee addressed the Court. Without more ado, he dived and left the foolish Monkey to take care of himself, while he swam off in search of some human being to save. Our best blessings are often the least appreciated. A fine hide makes an excellent meal for a hungry Dog, but the water was deep and the Dogs could not reach the hides from the bank. “You think you are extremely clever, don’t you?” said the Fox. Dorothy and Toto fall into the hands of the dreaded Cricklink, but is he as bad as he seems? The weak are made to suffer for the misdeeds of the powerful. Useful at bedtime to sing your little one to sleep and maybe you can grab some well-earned shut-eye yourself. He was all alone. The unjust will not listen to the reasoning of the innocent. Soon after, the Ant saw a man getting ready to kill the Dove with a stone. “Who taught you to divide so fairly?” he asked pleasantly. Aesop was a Greek storyteller born in approximately 620 BCE. 1. Then, decked in his finery, gleaming with emerald, gold, purple, and azure, he strutted proudly among the birds. Now he sat down and looked at the grapes in disgust. I know it will make you sing like Apollo himself.”. Then, toward nightfall, he heard the Mother’s voice again as she sat down near the window to sing and rock her baby to sleep. “No,” said the Goat, “that broken horn can speak for itself!”. All the animals applauded the Fox loudly. When the Wolf came up, he asked the Ass what had made him lame, and the Ass replied that he had stepped on a sharp thorn. His fables are some of the most well known in the world. But the big hulking Camel made himself very ridiculous as he kicked out his knotty legs and twisted his long clumsy neck. A Bull once escaped from a Lion by entering a cave which the Goatherds used to house their flocks in stormy weather and at night. He looked the Toad over very carefully. But now the Wolves thought of a plan to trick the Sheep. The Farmer knew how deadly the Snake could be, and yet he picked it up and put it in his bosom to warm it back to life. The Fox one day thought of a plan to amuse himself at the expense of the Stork, at whose odd appearance he was always laughing. You will have to stay there till you feel just like you did when you went in. A Wolf had been prowling around a flock of Sheep for a long time, and the Shepherd watched very anxiously to prevent him from carrying off a Lamb. And when they came to offer him their sympathy, he ate them up one by one. So he loaded his sling with stones and killed several of the Cranes. The Ass made such a frightful din in the cave, kicking and braying with all his might, that the Goats came running out in a panic of fear, only to fall victim to the Lion. And when the farmer put his shoulder to the wheel and urged on the horses, the wagon moved very readily, and soon the Farmer was riding along in great content and with a good lesson learned. But just as the Country Mouse was about to nibble a dainty bit of pastry, she heard a Cat mew loudly and scratch at the door. But one cold winter evening, as they were walking homeward, the Satyr saw the Man blow on his fingers. “No, no!” exclaimed the Fox, “do not disturb them! “If this wheat is not harvested at once,” said the Farmer, “we shall lose half the crop. The Goat thought the Fox had gone down to drink, and so he asked if the water was good.

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