33rd Iranian Congress of Radiology as the ICR – 2017


33rd Iranian Congress of Radiology as the ICR  –  In accordance with more than three decades of experience, This is to gather for a unique team of international and Iranian leading experts in different fields of radiology, especially in our main themes of congress including women’s imaging, neuroradiology, neuro-intervention and musculoskeletal imaging. The congress venue will be at Milad tower international convention center, the most outstanding landmark of modern Tehran.

The past 30 years have seen medical imaging technology revolutionize the way we deliver healthcare. Today, more patients than ever undergo diagnostic imaging scans, making radiologists the often-invisible hero in determining their path to confident diagnosis and treatment. The obstacles that disrupt radiologists’ ability to read and interpret images are manifold, but innovation in every imaging modality is giving radiologists the tools they need to see past them towards a clear clinical decision.

Too many imaging studies still result in inconclusive reports due to poor visualization or nonvisualization of anatomical structures, which can delay diagnosis and treatment, add stress for patients and staff and increase costs. The usual suspects for compromised image quality are well known: acquisition parameter errors, motion, fat and metal artifacts, operator error, and technology limitations.

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